Sourcing Suitable Equipment

Sourcing Suitable Equipment

Whether financial pressures make accessing a laptop difficult, or a disability means that specialised equipment is required; there are organisations across Surrey to help anyone who needs technology to allow them to engage fully with digital services and learning.

Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership works with businesses across the County to secure laptops and other equipment that is no longer required - after refurbishing, that equipment is passed back out to the community to those who need it at no cost.

Surrey Coalition's 'Tech2Connect' team focus on sourcing specialised equipment for anyone with a disability or impairment that makes standard equipment not fit for purpose. This might be voice-activated for example, or a specially moulded keyboards or mouse to take pressure off painful joints.


Refer someone to Surrey LLP for help accessing a laptop or tablet

Contact Surrey LLP via the link below to refer someone to their affordable laptop scheme:

Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership

Refer someone for help sourcing specialised equipment

Email Tech2Connect via the link below to refer someone who needs specialised equipment in order to access digital services and learning opportunities

Email Tech2Connect